BLONDE CARE: Weekly Routine For Blondes

BLONDE CARE: Weekly Routine For Blondes

You rocked those hours of colouring, and your hair looks amazing! But did you know, going blonde means your hair went through some serious changes? We're talking removing natural pigment and lightening your existing colour—it's a lot for your locks to handle.

Now that you've got that perfect blonde, let's keep it shining! Over time, oxidation, sun, and styling can mess with your colour. Enter Foundlove's weekly routine—your go-to for maintaining that vibrant blonde. Let's make sure your hair stays as fabulous as the day you fell in love with it!

Use Foundlove’s weekly routine to keep your hair at its best.


Monday Reset:

  • Start the week with KERASTASE BLOND ABSOLU - BAIN LUMIERE Hydrating Illuminating Shampoo to intensely hydrates fiber and removes impurities. This prepares your hair for the week ahead and helps prevent dullness.

Wednesday Nourishment:

  • Mid-week, treat your hair to KERASTASE  BLOND ABSOLU MASQUE CICAEXTREME for intense conditioning post lightening, helps fiber regain strength and resilience to breakage for a soft and shiny blonde..

Saturday Colour Maintenance:

  • Consider using a toner or gloss service to touch up your hair colour without altering its position, fullness, or depth. This step is crucial for preserving the specific tone you desire. 

By following this 3-step weekly process, you establish a routine that addresses the unique needs of bleached blonde and coloured hair, ensuring it stays healthy, vibrant, and maintains its desired colour.

Daily Treat:

Use BLOND ABSOLU HUILE CICAEXTREME Intense blond strengthening oil concentrate. Highly concentrated formula in strength reparative agents.

If you’re having problems, book a conversation with one of our colour consultants.

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