What does an hourly rate include?

We work and charge by time, so your consultant will advice you how long it will take to achieve the look you have discussed, then we provide all products and services needed to achieve it for you.

What happens if it takes longer that the agreed time?

Nothing, the extra time liability lies with us, there will be no extra cost.

What happens if I want to add a treatment or other services within my booking?

Everything is all in already. No need to upgrade.

How much is a cut and blow dry?

We would book this as 1 hour booking and will always be inclusive of a hair treatment or even a colour gloss. 

Can I book just a wet/dry cut?

Our minimum service time is 1 hour, all services are required to be professionally finished with a blow dry

Can I book just a blow dry?

Yes - our blow dry time is 30 minutes and is priced at 50% of an hourly rate. In circumstances that a blow dry takes more than 30 minutes - the booking will be increased and charged at 1 hour.

What is the difference in consultant levels?

All of our consultants hold a minimum of five years (but generally eight years) hairdressing customer experience. The levels are created from a mix of industry and Foundlove. Experience. Specialist expertise. All consultants are colour certified which is recognised as a bachelors degree. Our lowest consultant level would generally compare to a senior stylist in other salons.