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Self Love and Hair Care are not one size fits all, and neither are our salon plans. Choose from one of four plans. Our memberships are designed to enhance your salon experience. You can adjust your plan at any time.


We'll pay 30% of your first visit.

A single appointment can only provide a glimpse of what a salon can offer.

Therefore when you rebook we'll pay 20% of your second visit too, so you get a chance to truly get comfortable with our environment, our team, and our techniques.

Trust is built over time, and we want to ensure you feel completely at ease with us.

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Taster blow dry

We understand that when meeting a new hairdresser and visiting a new salon can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

Which is why we have great pleasure in inviting you to a taster blow dry.

Use this as a glimpse into all the senses within our salon. Meet your hair consultant with a risk free high impact service. Relax and enjoy this preview, knowing that here you are welcomed as our guest and extended family.

(Monday - Friday)

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