Discover Your Perfect Hair Partner with Our Exclusive Trial Offer

A single appointment can only provide a glimpse of what a salon can offer. Therefore when you rebook we'll pay 20% of your second visit too, so you get a chance to truly get comfortable with our environment, our team, and our techniques.

Trust is built over time, and we want to ensure you feel completely at ease with us.


Why Try Foundlove?

These appointments allow our consultants time to customise care to your unique hair type, preferences, and lifestyle, ensuring the best results. You will experience consistent quality, witnessing our commitment to excellence firsthand.

Additionally, the extended trial helps build a rapport with your dedicated stylist, fostering a relationship that enables more personalised advice and recommendations to achieve your hair aspirations.

Book with 30% off

Common questions

What services qualify for 30% off?

All services on our price list are included for the trial offer. Excluding hair extensions.

Why do you give so much discount up front?

It's really not about the money for us. What's important is the relationship and for guests to see constant quality in the salon.

What if i cancel a booking?

The main term of this trial is that each next booking must be rebooked and honoured, moving the booking is ok but cancelling will void the trial unfortunately.

How do i know what plan is most suitable for me?

Your consultants main objective is to always put their guests in the best position possible. They can help advise what your annual hair routine could look like and the plan that would suit. Plans can always be changed.

What is the joining bonus for the Red and Black cards?

Once you purchase a red or black card your next booking will have 30% discount applied.

How do i qualify for 30% OFF?

Really simple, all new guests to the salon automatically are enrolled in this exclusive trial.