NEW KÈRASTASE PREMIÈRE: Dual Action Haircare Frees Hair From Calcium Build Up That Leads To Breakage

NEW KÈRASTASE PREMIÈRE: Dual Action Haircare Frees Hair From Calcium Build Up That Leads To Breakage

Discover the groundbreaking solution to persistent hair damage with Kérastase Première.

Unveiling the culprit behind recurring damage—calcium, this dual-action repair haircare range with citric acid and glycine promises to liberate your locks from calcium buildup, restoring hair to its première state.

In-Salon Treatment Unveiled:

Why start with an in-salon treatment? The process begins with a pre-shampoo treatment stripping away calcium, followed by a decalcifying and repairing shampoo depositing glycine and peptides. The final touch, the concentrate, completes the repairing process.

Main Benefits:

Experience the dramatic reversal of persistent damage as Première:

  1. Restores hair's original strength
  2. Implements dual-action repair haircare
  3. Frees hair from calcium buildup leading to breakage
  4. Reconnects broken keratin links

See the Results for Yourself:

Première caters to all hair types, from fine to thick, addressing the number one hair concern—damage. With a remarkable 65% growth in the repair category and 7 out of 10 women experiencing damage from chemical services, the repair opportunity is strong.

Did You Know? Professional Tips:

Calcium in water exacerbates hair damage, leading to dullness and stiffness. Kérastase Première's dual-action repair boasts an 8% pure acids concentration, freeing hair from calcium buildup and reconnecting keratin bonds, recreating 99% of its original strength.

The Science Behind Première:

Key ingredients include:

  • Citric acid: Eliminates calcium overdose, neutralizing dullness and stiffness.
  • Glycine: Penetrates hair's inner layer for deep repair after calcium removal.
  • Peptide: Refills the hair surface with matter, forming a chain of amino acids.

Luxurious Fragrance:

Elevate your experience with the fragrance "Portofino," a true summer nectar crafted by two French perfumers. Unveiling a citrus and mandarin cocktail, complemented by orange flower and jasmine accords, this fragrance takes you on a sensory journey to Italy.

Note #1: Mandarin & Citrus
Note #2: Silky and Delicate Flowers
Note #3: Enveloping Woody Facets

Personal Care Investment:

Elevate your haircare ritual with Kérastase Première, the revolutionary solution to persistent damage. Unleash the power of our in-salon treatment for just £30, kickstarting your journey to luscious, healthy hair.

Continue the transformation at home with our premium retail products:

  1. Decalcifying Repairing Pre-Shampoo Treatment: £55.65

    This powerful citric acid formulation eliminates stubborn calcium buildup, paving the way for vibrant and rejuvenated hair.

  2. Première Decalcifying Repairing Shampoo: £32.40

    Immerse your strands in luxury with this shampoo that not only cleanses but also deposits glycine and peptides, restoring your hair's strength from within.

  3. Anti-Rigidity Decalcifying Repairing Conditioner: £42.10

    Say goodbye to stiffness and breakage. This conditioner, enriched with essential ingredients, ensures your hair stays soft, flexible, and resilient.

Indulge in the complete Kérastase Première experience, where science meets luxury, and each product is a step towards unlocking the premier state of your hair. Reveal the true potential of your locks with prices that bring premium care within reach.

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