Join us on a journey of self-love with the Foundlove Care Programme Membership, inspired by the beautiful words of Melody Godfred:

Of all the things I own, my worth is my favourite possession.

We believe that your worth is priceless, and your self-care should reflect that.

Simplify Your Regular Haircare

The Foundlove Care Programme is designed to simplify your routine with expert advice from our highly trained consultants, and all treatments and products included. It makes for a seamless and enjoyable in-chair experience. Rediscover the joy in caring for yourself and your hair.

Adaptable and Customisable

Benefit from a program that adapts to your evolving needs. Foundlove Care Program is customisable, allowing you to adjust your routine as your preferences or lifestyle change.

Pay Monthly

Because you deserve consistent care, our monthly payment option makes it accessible and convenient. Prioritise yourself without compromise, and let every month be a celebration of self-love.

Member Benefits

As a member, you'll unlock exclusive benefits. From surprise gifts to insider access to exclusive products and services, our program goes beyond hair care to enhance your overall well-being.

Join the Foundlove Care Program and start your journey to simplified, beautiful hair care.